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How To Select Correct Disc Springs?

"The first time you can get the high quality of the disc spring, select the low quality and low price disc spring.and then take the effort to deal with disputes about quality, and save too much cost and time"
Also called disc spring, why the difference of the disc spring quality is so big?
Use the following guidelines can help you choose the best products:

First.if manufacturing processes comply with quality requirements?
reference: standard disc springs manufacturing process

Second,before disc springleaving the factory, if disc spring have the whole load stereotypes.
This way prevents the total height decreased after the first use of the disc spring
The way of process: Once flattened, the duration of not less than 12h, or short flattened, flattening times no less than 5 times, flattening F1 not less than twice times (f=0.75ho).After put down by force, the disc spring free height dimensions should be stable.

Third .whether the material is correct?
High temperature and pH for special occasions must choose a special material
Reference:the selection material of disc spring

Fourth .how to select the correct surface finish in different environment
Reference :disc spring 's surface finish