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"K" Series Bearing Preloaded Disc Springs

K series bearing preloaded  disc springs

There are two questions have been distress bearing engineer ,
one is to reduce noise, another is to eliminate The rest of the gap. Bearing preloaded disc springs not only solve these problem, ...

Disc Spring Washer DIN 2093

disc spring structural type

Disc spring with small size, large storage, combination easy.widely used in national defense, metallurgy, engineering, electric power,machine tool and machinery industry ...

The installation of the disc spring

disc spring installation

Modern industrial enterprises, there are a large number of flange connections, and leaks are a common problem in the flange connection. The people found the root causes of flange leakage is because the bolt preload relaxation caused by the device temperature changes,...

Disc spring's definition and development

disc spring definition

Disc spring also called belleville spring , spring washer ,it was first invented J. of Belleville, France, 100 years ago. Disc spring the shape of a conical dish with the traditional spring has its own special role in the function,...