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"K" series bearing preloaded disc springs

There are two questions have been distress bearing engineer ,
one is to reduce noise, another is to eliminate The rest of the gap. Bearing preloaded disc springs not only solve these problem, but make the design more simple.

Installation and position
The following figure displays a group of "K" series bearing preloaded disc spring in the preloading outer ring, according to actual needs, can use a, two pieces of, a group of or more sets of series;
Some occasions must preloading in bearing inner loop, accordingly,
Not only "K" series bearing preloaded disc spring's inside diameter match up bearing outer ring , also coordinates the bearing inner loop.

K series bearing preloaded  disc springs

The simple ring design, more pieces of parallel load stress even, also the displacement, and the load increase. the curve of Bearing preloaded disc spring for decreasing type (h0 / t value big), so when the displacement exceed a certain area, and the Load maintaining a fixed value. In addition to reduce noise and eliminate the gap, it still have the following advantages:
After installation,preloading value not affected by the change of tolerance .
Thermal shock cause segment deflection will be absorbed
Any axial displacement not serious change preloading value