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the spring processing technology development

At present, the mechanical spring processing equipment and processing lines toward the development of the depth and breadth of the numerical control (NC) and computer-controlled (CNC). With the changes in the spring material and geometry, the processing also development.
1) change the spring outside diameter, variable pitch and variable wire diameter (change) Suspension spring no molding processing. Since the development of the three transformers spring, has been using a tapered steel bar CNC lathe winding process, but the finished product and price are not ideal. It is necessary for the heated state by the spring coiling machine, to control the roll speed and the pulling force, to obtain a desired shape of a cone, and processing waste heat quenching.
2)Hollow stable spring rod with Low carbon boron steel, rolled welded forming.
3)torsion bar with High purity 45 steel, Obtained The high hardness of the surface and a larger residual compression stress by High-frequency quenching,Thereby improve fatigue life and anti-relaxation.
4)Electronic products widely used leaf springs Basically using punching and automatic bending molding.
5)value spring mainly development of multi-stage shot peening and liquid nitriding process ,In order to improve the surface residual compressive stress and improve fatigue life