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The installation of the disc spring

Modern industrial enterprises, there are a large number of flange connections, and leaks are a common problem in the flange connection. The people found the root causes of flange leakage is because the bolt preload relaxation caused by the device temperature changes, pressure changes and mechanical vibration .
The disc spring is a flexible compensation components, and bear the load deformation, saving a certain amount of potential energy, when the bolt relaxation when the disc spring release of part of the potential energy in order to maintain the pressure between the flange link to reach the minimum sealing requirements. The bearing plate spring stress distribution decreasing evenly from the inside out, to achieve the effect of the low stroke and high compensation force.
Disc Spring Installation:
1. check to make sure. Check the bolt material, the working parameters and dimensions are consistent; check the disc spring is intact, make sure the specifications are correct. Check in contact with the nut flange is clean and bright and clean.
2.Stud on both sides of the flange connection, plus a disc spring, will ensure that the up and down between two flanges in a compressed state, and can compensate for pressure fluctuations, temperature changes, auto-tight gasket seal to ensure sealing effect.
3.Lubricating thread and nut with lubricant (or preventing agent) surface, in order to facilitate the practical application of the uniformity of the bolt tightening force.
4.the disc spring set bolts, concave towards flanges, and the disc spring bolts to maintain concentricity. And then hand the preliminary tighten all nuts, forced to be uniform and meticulous.
5.counterclockwise or clockwise direction in turn check the bolts, confirm that all fastening intact.
6.To ensure that force fastening uniform when you need to tightened in accordance with the diagonal principle. That is, first fastening a bolt, then tighten the bolts diagonally. Its purpose is to ensure that the flange fastening force uniform, and thus better able to seal. All the bolts tightened, and then clockwise or counterclockwise in order to check the bolts, make sure all fastening good.
7.For the have't leak in the existing bolts to increase the disc spring gasket, flange, from time to replace the flange gasket, using the first demolition of a bolt replacement on the disc spring gasket on tight, and then replace the other bolts, all bolts to replace exhausted, and then fastening it again all the requirements of the flange seal. The flange has been leaking after replacing the gasket on the bolts and gasket increase.