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Spring Industry Major Development Trends

Our country some spring industry expert analyzes believed, with the host of development, China spring product market will also be synchronized increased.It is estimated that by 2010 the industry sales will be more than 4 billion yuan.Automobile, motorcycle industry in spring market share will exceed 50%.
Meanwhile,in order to adapt to the market changes,in the next few years spring industry will appear the new development trend:
First ,exist new combination
Next few years, the spring industry in China will continue mainly to small businesses, but a number of competitive enterprises starting from the market and business strategy, use the hands of capital, technology and personnel.Mergers and acquisitions parts of enterprise to obtain the factors of production and marketing resources,Most of the state-owned and collective enterprises in spring industry will be transformed into joint-stock or private enterprise.
Second, price competition turn to technology and quality competition
With market competition becomes increasingly fierce, the profit margins of the spring industry has been getting smaller and smaller,, and to the requirements of the quality of the accessories manufacturers more and more high, enterprise have been unable to rely on a simple reduction to gain market, technology and quality as the key to competition.
From July 1, 2006, China's auto parts tariffs will be reduced to 10%, the final price of the auto industry supporting the suspension springs, valve springs, stabilizer bars and other products will gradually integrate with the international prices.
As for mini cars, vans after the fierce market competition, compared the international market ,the current price have a certain degree of competitiveness, but the level of quality can not compete with similar products.
Other products, particularly the supporting products for motorcycles and some small spring price has been lower than the international market price.
Therefore foreign similar product on price won't constitute a threat to to us, mainly on the performance in terms of quality.
Third, the product development trend to lightweight, high reliability
A rough estimate, the 2010 China's auto industry on the suspension spring annual demand of about 8 million, valve disc spring, the annual demand of about 30 million (excluding motorcycles and diesel). The overall technology trends in the two spring for lightweight (high stress), high reliability. For the current specially shaped suspension spring and valve spring, due to the high price of materials and complex manufacturing process, making production costs higher than the spring of circular cross section, and therefore There is no indicationspecially shaped springs to replace circular cross spring