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Serrated Safety Washers Parameters Introduction

Serrated Safety Washers also named Loose-Proof Gasket

Serrated Safety Washers with standard load series and medium load series,Serrated Safety Washers unique performance is provided by the serrated surface,solve the security problems of screw bolt.after washers and bolts connected,by Increase the frictional resistance,
Prevention of the relaxation produced by bolts after shock.
Serrated Safety Washers's application:
Precision optical instruments, machinery, automobiles, aircraft and other high-end products.
The design of Serrated Disc Spring Loose-Proof washer
According to the status of the use conditions and stress conditions, using self-developed computer-aided design system to determine the geometric dimensions of the disc spring washers and related processing requirements.
The material :according to customer conditions of use, selection of appropriate materials.
Commonly materials 65Mn, 60Si2MnA, phosphor bronze, stainless steel and other.
The surface treatment :
Surface finished:
Bluing, plating, electrophoresis, and mechanical galvanizing

Serrated Safety Washers

The Parameters:

Serrated Safety Washers Parameters

Serrated Safety Washers Parameters