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Disc spring's definition and development

Disc spring also called belleville spring , spring washer ,it was first invented J. of Belleville, France, 100 years ago. Disc spring the shape of a conical dish with the traditional spring has its own special role in the function, the main feature is a large load, a short trip, the small space required, the combination of easy to use, easy maintenance facelift, economic and high security . For use in space, load precision heavy machinery. The best use of its compression stroke is between 10% -75% of its maximum compression stroke

In the Early 1930s ,The Engineer (GM) Almen and Laszio developed a theory to develop a production quality standard DIN 2092 and DIN 2093. These standards as disc spring's first industrial standard accept by all the world and spread throughout Europe, had been a lot of multinational companies widely used. The butterfly spring national standard of GB / T 1972-2005, instead of GB / T-1972-1992.

2.disc spring 's features :
short trip, large load.
The required space is small.
The combination of convenience.
Maintenance easily.
Economic, safe.

stainless steel 17-PH,SUS301,SUS304,SUS316,SUS420,Inconel X750,Inconel 718

4.Manufacturing processes:
Forging-CNC machining-forming-Heat treatment-shotpeening-Prestressing-Surface finish

5.Typical application:
Automotive &Engines
Machine Tools
Screwed or bolted sections
Bearing preload
Electrical switch gear
And many more applications

6.Surface finish:Oxidized bluing,phosphated + oil