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Belleville commonly used materials allowable stress

Spring at work is often subject to a variable load or impact load, in order to ensure that the spring is capable of long-lasting reliable operation, the material must have a high elastic limit and fatigue limit, and should have sufficient toughness and ductility, and good heat treatability.
The spring material and performance can access manuals, norms and standards (GB/T129.6-92 GB4357-89). Belleville spring steel used:

1: low manganese spring steel
This spring steel (65Mn), compared with the carbon spring steel, the advantage is better hardenability and high strength; drawback is prone to cracking after quenching and hot brittleness. However, because of the cheap price, general machinery commonly used in manufacturing small size of the spring, for example dish lockwashers commonly used in the manufacture of this material.

2: silicon manganese spring steel
This steel (e.g. 60Si2Mn) because the added silicon, so it can significantly improve the elastic limit, and improved tempering stability, which can be at a higher temperature tempering, thereby obtaining good mechanical properties. Silico-manganese spring steel has been widely applied in industry, and is generally used in the manufacture of machinery, automobiles, tractors, disc springs, coil springs.

3: chrome vanadium steel
This steel (e.g. 50CrVA) added vanadium purpose is to refine the tissue, improve the strength and toughness of steel. Milk fatigue and impact resistance of this material, and the longer a reliable working temperature of -40 degrees - 210 degrees, but more expensive. Used for demanding occasions, such as used in the manufacture of aero-engine disc spring adjustment system.
In addition, certain materials such as stainless steel and bronze, with a corrosion-resistant features, The the bronze also have magnetic and conductivity Guchang for the manufacture of chemical equipment or work in the spring in the corrosive medium. The disadvantage is not easy to heat treatment, poor mechanical properties, so rarely used in general machinery.
The choice of materials, consideration should be given to the use of the spring, the degree of importance, the use of conditions (including load nature, size and cycle characteristics, the duration of the work, the working temperature and the surrounding medium conditions), processing, heat treatment, and economic factors. At the same time, we must refer to the existing equipment to use in the spring election to make more material combination.