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Disc Spring

Shuangyuan manufacturing a full range of Disc Springs for use in dynamic applications for nearly 10 years.


These disc springs conform to the DIN 2093 specification and are used when the application requires a large number of deflection cycles or when the required forces or deflections are critical.

-Range in sizes from 8mm to 250mm OD; 4mm to 125mm ID
-Available in Carbon Steel, 17-7 PH Stainless Steel, 301 Stainless Steel and Inconel. Carbon Steel  Disc Springs are finished with the standard corrosion protection of Phos and Oil.

We have large stock and can delivered next day after order.For those we don’t have stock,lead time is 7-15 days depending on order quantity.

Disc spring can be used in four different ways:

• Single: One disc spring
• Parallel: All disc spring stacked the same way
• Series: All disc spring stacked opposite each other
• Series-Parallel: A combination of the two


Disc Spring Applications

Electrical engineering and Electric apparatus;
Cushioning device;
Shock absorber;
Pressure reducing valve;
Automatic transmission;
Power generator;
Compensation device for high tension cable;
Stripping attachment at the top of a mould;
Extreme-torsion cluth;
Pipeline’s hanger supporter;
Pump and valve in petrochemistry;
Sonar checking and measuring system;

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