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The Role Of High-Temperature Disc Spring

The role of high-temperature disc spring:
1. High temperature disc spring with superior compensation, compensate for temperature changes caused by the preload relaxation so that the bolt preload is always to maintain the range of sealing requirements;

2. high temperature Disc Spring make equipment hazards of mechanical vibration to a minimum to avoid the bolt in the relaxation under high temperature and low temperature to ensure durable and reliable seal.

High temperature Disc Spring design principles:
Connect connectors of different working conditions, different frame sizes and different materials, the large solid mechanics software ANSYS or ABAQUS calculation, designed to correspond to the disc spring structure size to ensure adequate compensationTo meet the sealing requirements.

High-temperature disc spring for equipment:

1. A high temperature valve flange bolt, pipeline flange bolts are tightened, the reactor flange bolt, heat exchanger flange bolt, flange bolt of heat pumps;

2. the high pressure switch of the power plant, vibration equipment, sootblowers gland, steam flanges, etc. bolt;

3. the electric furnace steel mills, rolling mills, etc. Bolt.