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High Temperature Disc Spring Introduction

Widely used in aerospace, military industry, petrochemical, metallurgical, paper making, pharmacy, food processing.
According to the status of the using conditions and stress,the company use the independent development of computer aided design system to determine define the disc springs geometry size and related processing requirements.
According to the use conditions, a selection of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and the (micro) magnetic materials, maximization satisfy customer needs. Common material HG-01, HG-02 and stainless steel.
Surface treatment:
Surface treatment of high temperature disc spring has the surface light, electrophoresis, etc

Use form:
Disc spring can be used in four different ways:• Single: One disc spring• Parallel: All disc spring stacked the same way • Series: All disc spring stacked opposite each other • Series-Parallel: A combination of the two.

High Temperature Disc Spring

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