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Features Of High Temperature Disc Spring

1, A high temperature disc spring stiffness buffer vibration absorption capacity to withstand large loads with small deformation, suitable for small occasions in the axial space requirements.

2, high temperature disc spring with variable stiffness characteristics, and this spring has a very wide range of nonlinear characteristics.

3, high temperature disc spring is the same disc springs with different combinations to make the disc spring characteristics in a wide range of change. Can be used together, superimposed combination, may also have complex combinations of different thickness, different number of pieces, such as.

When the composite when compared to the same deformation, disc spring a few more the load the greater. A wide range of disc springs are replaced by a cylindrical coil spring. Commonly used in heavy machinery, such as presses, and artillery, aircraft and other weapons, as a powerful buffer and damping spring, used as a car with tractor clutch and a safety valve compression spring, as well as energy storage devices for amusement devices.

Disc spring, depending on the section shape can be divided into three categories:
ordinary disc spring (the cross-sectional shape of a rectangle),
with radial grooves of the disc spring,
trapezoidal cross-section disc spring.

Ordinary disc spring is divided into two types of support surface and support surface;

with radial grooves of the disc spring is on the basis of the ordinary disc springs along the radial direction out of a number of evenly spaced slots, the slots can be bore out round the direction of out, you can also open to the internal control direction by the cylindrical;

disc spring of the trapezoidal cross section can be divided into the inner edge thickness is greater than the foreign aid thickness and edge thickness is less than the outer thickness of the two categories.

The single disc spring deflection and load value often can not meet the requirements, then you can group, composed of the disc spring assembly (column). A typical combination is: superimposed combination of the disc spring complex combination disc spring, disc spring, and other combinations. Compared with the cylindrical coil spring, disc spring has the following characteristics:

Disc spring load deformation characteristic curve of a nonlinear relationship.

Disc springs into a thin shape, easy to form a combination, can implement the building-block assembly and replacement, and thus to the maintenance convenience.

With radial slots high temperature disc spring with zero stiffness characteristic. This feature can be applied to the spring force to maintain the basic stability of the occasion in a deformation range requirements.

Fourth, the high-temperature disc spring vibration absorption performance of not less than the cylindrical coil spring, when using composite combination has a larger damping due to friction between the plate reed and dissipate impact energy.

The high temperature Disc Spring with superior compensation, to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction caused by preload repeatedly change the preload to maintain stable, to prevent the bolt fatigue and gasket failure. Medium pressure changes in preload change the high-temperature disc spring preload compensation due to media pressure changes caused by changes to prevent the failure of bolts and gaskets. Mechanical vibrations lead to preload changes the high temperature Disc Spring can effectively absorb the mechanical vibrations, avoid loose bolt caused due to mechanical vibration to ensure durable and reliable seal.

High temperature disc spring required Material: special alloy steel

High temperature disc spring applications: pipeline flanges, high pressure valves, etc.; such as pumps, fans, centrifuges flange and bolt pretension; power plant, high pressure switch, high temperature heater; petrochemical heat exchangers, reactor; steel furnace, rolling mill, flying shear.
High temperature the life of the disc spring: rebound repeated tens of thousands of times, can be reused.