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Disc spring's application in floating pretightening system

There are a large number of flange connection in industrial enterprises.These flanged connections are usually part by flanges, bolts and gaskets. Leak are these connections FAQ.generally, people think it caused by disc spring washer quality, but studies have shown that 50% to 80% leakage caused by the bolt preload relaxation.Device temperature changes, pressure changes, as well as mechanical vibrations would cause the bolt preload relaxation, i.e., causing a leak when the bolt preload can not meet the minimum required by the disc spring wahser seal preload.Equipment at work, temperature changes, pressure changes and mechanical vibration is an objective existence, they are difficult to eliminate bolt preload, generally only weakened.
The flange provides a platform for connection and decomposition of the two components of the container or pipe, there is provided the installation position of the sealing disc spring washer,Bolt as an elastic body of the flange are fastened together so as to produce and maintain the pressing force on the spacer.The load exerted on the bolt must meet gasket sealing effect the desired compression force. Problems of any component within the system unit, will influence the state of use of the entire system
Temperature changes, pressure fluctuations in the actual operation often lead to sealing problems of the floating system.the different rate of thermal expansion and contraction between flange and bolts , which directly caused the bolt is applied to the reduction or loss of preload on the disc spring washer;Irregular vibrations can cause the disc spring washer is permanently crushed and deformed;the fluid medium reduces the effects of bolt preload force to the disc spring washer;The disc spring washer itself limited elastic compensation, and inherent creep relaxation makes it difficult to meet the sealing requirements of the floating systems.
The introduction of the spring flange connection in the floating preload system.This is an elastic compensation element, which effectively solves the flange connection bolt preload relaxation.When the bolt is tightened, absorbing the mechanical energy is converted into potential energy (potential) stored in the disc spring,When the equipment due to temperature changes, pressure changes or mechanical vibrations cause the bolt preload relaxation,The release potential (potential energy) converted into mechanical energy, and to compensate for the preload force of the bolt, the bolt preload is always maintained in the range of the disc spring washer seal required preload.